• Lago dell’Accesa and Waterfalls

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The wonderful and crystal clear Lago dell’Accesa lies at the foot of Massa Marittima, just a stone’s throw from  Cascatelle & Agriletizia. It is of utmost importance both for environmental and archaeological point of view. Its wind sheltered and wild area covers  14 hectares and its depth extends up to 50 meters.

As a protected area it is home to a great variety of  freshwater fish species; water birds nest on its banks and their population highly increase during the  migration periods.

Beside natural settings the surrounding area is  of great archaeological interest as a few years ago it brought to light a rather extensive Etruscan settlement, dating back to VII-VI century BC and presumably linked to Etruscan  metal mining activities.

Since 2001 the whole area has become an Etruscan Civilization  Theme Park that can be visited every day by following the signed itinerary equipped with explanatory panels. The finds recovered during the excavations are currently exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Massa Marittima.

The lake is undoubtedly an excellent alternative to the sea, especially to cool off on a hot summer day;  nature lovers will enjoy  its crystal clear bathing waters and will have the opportunity to treat themselves with dips and corroborating swims.

One of its banks hosts a tiny  and fine sandy beach, a true oasis of peace where relaxing while sunbathing or reading a book; nice wooden platforms overlooking the water, on the remaining shores of the lake, are the perfect spots where de-stress amidst the wildest and unspoiled nature.

For a picnic experience, providing an immersion into the silence and scents of nature, tables and benches are also available to visitors in the shade of the surrounding woodland.


About 100 m. from Cascatelle&Agriletizia, easy reachable along a short path starting from our garden, you find the iconic natural masterpiece of the waterfalls, locally called “Cascatelle”.Set in a very evocative scenery, they are a relax and wellness corner of paradise.

The perfect natural attraction where relax and cool off with a nice bath! Definitely not to be missed!

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